Not just a brand, a movement

Who is the woman behind Strong by S?
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Now back to Strong by S and what the brand stands for...
Strong by S was created for you. Every woman that has felt insecure instead of confident, too embarrassed to be bold and who have just never felt beautiful enough in their own skin. My vision is for you to reclaim your shape you were blessed with and be unapologetically you, because there is no one else exactly like you on this earth, and that is your power.
Women all over the world can easily purchase a range of products at the touch of a button, but that is not what Strong is about. I mean it when I say Strong is not just a brand, it's a movement. I want to start bringing women together, life is all about connection and in a world full of smart phones and social media, yes we are connected much easier but the real human connection is lacking. Life is also way too short to focus solely on other peoples opinions of you, I honestly believe that life is about being true to ourselves.
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Samantha x